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5 Reasons Why Conservation Groups Need to Invest in Digital Marketing


Land trusts, environmental NGOs, and conservation groups have a powerful story to tell. Working collaboratively for the public good, bringing in volunteers, and protecting ecosystems and landscapes are causes people can easily get behind.

However, if people never find your organization, or somehow lose trust in it because of poor marketing, your impact will fall short of what it could have been. Here are 5 reasons why investing in digital marketing is a surefire way to increase your chances of success:

1. First impressions matter

Don’t lose a potential funder or client because of bad design.

2. Digital marketing tells your story

Volunteers, potential new hires, and advisors & board members only want to engage with a story they understand, in ways they normally communicate. Your audience is on social media and Google. You need to be too in order to get your story out.

3. You should outrank your competitors!

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools can enable your organization to appear higher on the page of search engine results. Improving your search rank will increase the number of website users and make it easier for potential users to find the specific pages on your website most relevant to their search.  

4. Over 50% of all internet traffic is now on mobile devices. Don’t get left behind

Mobile web browsing is the future and is already the
largest source of web traffic. Make sure your website is helping every user find what they want, not just those on a desktop computer. There are big SEO implications! 

5. Free $10,000 grant

You can take advantage of
Google Ad Grants — who wouldn’t want a free $10,000 every month for online advertising? You need a solid strategy and a dedicated team member to manage this. Alternatively, you can outsource Ad management to a digital marketing agency (like us) with the expertise needed to run campaigns aligned with your impact goals.