Content marketing is the best way to be found in the digital world – connect with the people generating billions of Google search queries per day.

    Our writing and editing team knows the tried & true strategies to make great articles, blog posts, videos, and more great content work for your business.

    We can help:

    Define target personas and create topic clusters to reach them 
    Run keyword research and turn that data into click-worthy titles
    Plan a content compass and coordinate publishing across multiple marketing channels
    Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices to structure online content that will keep Google smiling
    Create well-researched, well-written articles for your website every month, every week, or every day

    Why us? We have a proven track-record of launching content marketing strategies and turning them into organic search traffic magnets with thousands of daily visitors. 

    Here’s an example from one of our oldest and most successful clients, plant identifier app PlantSnap…


    Our team created this article by first analyzing search query data to identify which specific keywords flower enthusiasts were searching for, and finding high search traffic and low competition for the keyphrase “hibiscus flower.” 

    Our content editor turned that keyword into an easy-to-understand, SEO-driven, inviting title and scheduled it in the client’s content compass. The editor then assigned the article to our writer Riley Fortier (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute botanist and explorer extraordinaire) because of his subject-area expertise and interests. 

    After Riley researched and wrote the article, our editor then used our suite of marketing tools and copywriting expertise to ensure quality and make the content as attractive as possible to search engines with tactics such as:

    • creating lists and bullet points, and breaking up dense paragraphs for readability
    • correctly tagging titles and subtitles
    • using perfect grammar
    • swapping out overly complicated words for simpler synonyms
    • checking usage rights for photos and adding alt text
    • adding an appropriate number of backlinks to trustworthy websites 

    How did this all play out? Just try searching “hibiscus flower” in Google! This article is regularly in the top 5 organic search results

    What did the client say?
    Optimotive’s content marketing team produced stellar results for PlantSnap and Their strategies are creative, data-driven, and reliable. Our visibility and engagement online skyrocketed, leading to millions of interactions with both brands.
    With deep SEO expertise, the capacity to publish top-quality articles daily, and a record of building success from scratch, Optimotive content marketing services are tremendously valuable.
    – Eric Ralls, CEO and Founder, PlantSnap and

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    These screenshots below are from our work with PlantSnap and their sister company Our content strategy has helped them grow their organic search traffic, backlinks, and keyword footprint.


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