First impressions matter! 

    Start off on the right foot by building a beautiful WordPress website to tell your story and impress users (of all abilities, on all devices, all across the world).

    Optimotive can help:

    Gather benchmark metrics, define your brand, analyze competitors, and generally create a website strategy 
    Plan your site architecture, hosting, security, etc. 
    Design beautiful, accessible, mobile-first websites with nice colors and on-brand features
    Set up a staging site to build and revise new pages and content
    Optimize your site for shareability, keyword targeting, speed, analytics, etc. 
    Generate buzz and launch your new website
    Analyze site performance compared to benchmark data and track conversions

    Why us? Our team specializes in cost-effective WordPress builds and has successfully built dozens of websites from soup to nuts. 

    Here’s an example from one of our favorite builds, Swing Education…

    optimotive web development website

    Swing Education helps schools connect with substitute teachers to alleviate the national teacher shortage problem.

    We helped Swing’s product and design team achieve their vision as they embraced a new brand and rebuilt

    The new site site features extensive custom development (via CSS, HTML, and JavaScript) including fluid typography, page speed optimization, and full mobile responsiveness.

    Swing is an example of one of our website builds working with an internal marketing department which needed some outside help (us) and then took back over managing and updating the site once we finished the build. Were we sad to see them go? A little bit, but we’re proud that they could take the reins! Believe it or not, this sets us apart from a lot of other marketing agencies.

    We love our clients who keep us on retainer to manage and host the website we build together. But we understand that’s not for everyone, especially if you already have marketing staff. We think it’s incredibly important for clients to be able to take over the site and edit pages for themselves. That’s why we use user-friendly WordPress tools and we’re happy to teach clients how to manage and update sites themselves. 

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